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The Great Local Dive Sites

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

CHILENO BAY - 30' TO 70'. A breath-taking bay known for its diving and snorkeling. Large rocky reef with coral trees and a large variety of schooling tropical fish. Sea turtles and eels are often seen here.

SAND FALLS - Discovered by Jacques Costeau, the Sand Falls start at 90 feet and descends to 120 feet. Steep sand banks cascading into the canyon with many tropical fish.

SANTA MARIA - To 40'. A sheltered cove great for snorkeling and diving. Colorful gorgonians and sea fans line the rock walls where colorful tropical reef fish are in abundance. Great dive for the photographer.

SEA LION COLONY - 30' - 70'. Join the sea lions in their own habitat. This dive gives even the novice diver an excellent opportunity to join and observe the sea lions.

LA ANEGADA - Starting at 20 feet this area slopes down to 80 feet where you find the tip of the Cabo San Lucas Canyon Wall which sinks straight into the abyss. Lined with sea fans and vast amounts of schooling fish, this dive is one of Cabo's best and most versatile dive sites. WHALES HEAD - 30' to 60'. With spectacular rock formations, this spot is known to be home to sea turtles, octopus and moray eels. Small nurse sharks and guitarfish sometimes inhabit this area.

Day Trips

Cabo Pulmo - Cabo Pulmo is the only true living coral reef in western North America. Rich in an abundance of tropical fish. A National Marine Sanctuary. This is a photographer's paradise. A 2 hour dive from Cabo San Lucas. 30' to 80' beginning to advanced divers.

Gordo Banks - Because of the depth and currents, this dive is for the experienced diver only. This sea mount which is 4 miles off the coast of San Jose Del Cabo, lies under 90' to 130' of water. Here schools of hammerheads, jacks, and dolphins can be seen just a few feet below the surface. Manta rays, bull sharks and whale sharks are sometimes encountered here. DAILY SCUBA BOAT TRIPS
Boats depart daily for a very short ride to the local dive sites. At 10:00 am you can depart for a 2 tank dive. At 2:00 pm you can depart for a 1 tank dive. The site for these dives depends on weather and water conditions on that day.